The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring the Plants 

People must be aware that gardening is quite important and valuable to the environment. That’s why, people must observe on how they are going to do it without harming other people and plants in their surroundings. They must be responsible enough to the plants that they are planting and on how to protect them.

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People must be observant to do the proper and improper way of planting or gardening. They must be careful about planting or gardening. They must be gentle enough with the plants or crops in their surroundings. They must be able to protect their plants from unwelcome animals that can destroy their plants from growing safely.

They must be able to avoid the improper way of tending the gardens at their homes. They must not expose their plants on too much sunlight. Remember too much of everything will be bad for the condition of the plants. People must not neglect the needs of the plants, once in a while, they can talk to them and ask them if they are doing fine.

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