3 Benefits of Leafy Greens

Going green when it comes to your diet may take a bit of time getting used to but you can guarantee that everything will pay off in the end. Check out the following benefits you can reap from eating leafy greens.

Preserve Vision Health

Leafy greens such as mustard greens, dandelion, kale, and Swiss chard are good sources of zeaxanthin and carotenoids lutein that helps filter the high-energy light that can cause damage to your eyes. Zeaxanthin and lutein reduces the discomfort that is caused by glare which will then decrease the risk of acquiring cataracts, as well as increasing the distance that you are able to see.

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Fuels Your Body

One-cup of raw escarole can provide you with 1/10 of your daily essentials for vitamin B5. The B vitamins in your body help convert the food carbs into glucose which will then be used as a fuel to produce the energy that you need. B vitamins are water soluble which means your body isn’t capable of storing them so you must sustain yourself enough of B vitamins each day.

Enhances Bone Health

If the leafy greens taste bitter, embrace it because it’s a good sign. This means that it contains high levels of calcium. For your daily intake, you can have a 1/2 cup serving of dandelion greens since this contains 78mg of calcium, Swiss chard has 54mg, mustard greens have 55mg, and kale has 49mg. – know the anal bleaching cost from clinics near you.

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