November 2016

Human Practices Which Leads To Climate Change

People think that just because you’re at home, you’re doing fine and good but you’re not. Did you know that burning plastic bag could harm our ozone layer? There’s a substance which makes a plastic a contributor to climate change. Plastic bottles, envelopes, Styrofoam, plastic cups, and all materials which are made up of plastic can lead to climate change.

Throwing plastic bottles every after use is one of the practices humans are constantly doing. Also, burning plastic bags at home is one of our wrong doings. You shouldn’t burn plastics instead we have to recycle such materials. Recycling is the key to control climate change. Here is a friendly reminder for you, PLEASE DON’T BURN PLASTICS.…

The Green Thumb

As other people say, there are only few people who are gifted with the green thumb. And the person who has the green thumb can make the plants grow easily and strong. They are the ones who likes to plant to preserve the environment.

But, other people to plant, with enough perseverance and determination, they will truly learn how to do it. They will be able to learn the basic techniques on how to make the plant grow and make them healthy. Yes, they will experience failures but they must overcome it.

Nowadays, gardening is quite an essential part of the lives of the people especially those people who like to plant herbal and medicinal plants. It will surely help them to provide the initial medication to their sicknesses.…

The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring the Plants 

People must be aware that gardening is quite important and valuable to the environment. That’s why, people must observe on how they are going to do it without harming other people and plants in their surroundings. They must be responsible enough to the plants that they are planting and on how to protect them.

People must be observant to do the proper and improper way of planting or gardening. They must be careful in planting or gardening. They must be gentle enough with the plants or crops in their surroundings. They must be able to protect their plants from unwelcome animals that can destroy their plants from growing safely.

They must be able to avoid the improper way of tending the gardens at their homes. They must not expose their plants on too much sunlight. Remember too much of everything will be bad to the condition of the plants. People must not neglect the needs of the plants, once in a while they can talk to them and ask them if they are doing fine.…

Aeration, One of the Basics of Gardening

Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by the luscious green leaves, the teeming fruits that tickles your salivary glands or the blooming flowers that warms the heart?  Truly, gardening is such a rewarding hobby with lots of hard work.

Aeration is the process of making the soil  less compacted.

This is done in order to enhance the fertility of the soil and improve the nutrient and water  absorption of the roots of the plants for a healthier growth.

Aeration can either be done manually using some basic tools like a spade or a shovel for smaller gardens or mechanically for larger ones.

Lastly, it is very important to know that you cannot so this procedure with the plants in the garden. Generally this is done in preparation for seeding or planting.…

Benefits of Gardening

Gardening as a form of hobby is not only just an ordinary past time. It is a very  beneficial activity not only for does who really spend their time tending to their beloved plants. Here are the some of the benefits that a gardener reaps other than the products of photosynthesis:

  1. Physical wellness

Watering, aerating and weeding requires a lot of action, they are a good form of exercise with the free supply of natural oxygen.

  1. Emotional well being

Gardening is a form of distressing. Since the gardener can focus on other things aside from the overwhelming stressors of life.

  1. Social Interaction

Being a hands on gardener requires a lot of research and experience. Sometimes, lots of knowledge are derived from others like attending seminars or joining organizations which helps its members in terms of gardening. In this case, you will also be exposed socially.…

Vermiculture and Gardening

Earthworms are harmless creatures that thrives in soils and can be found mostly everywhere. Science and technology have developed a way of culturing and using them to fertilized the soil and that is termed as vermiculture.

Application of vermiculture in gardening is earth-friendly and very practical. Since these worms produces fertilizers from organic compounds without any synthetic chemicals , it pro nature. Practical in such a sense that gardeners need not to spend lots of bucks in purchasing commercial fertilizers,  and pesticides in order to enhance the growth of plants.

This method is applicable is any types of garden, whether small-scale or large scale, flower or vegetable gardening or even outdoor and indoor gardening.…

Gardening: A Form of Relaxation

Gardening is just like any other form of relaxation. It helps to ease the mind from stress and loneliness. It can also help a person to forget their problems. And, it can teach a person that the environment is like a human that an individual can talk to.

Whenever a person is busy for the whole week, a person can reserve the weekends in the garden, they can clean up the garden, water the plants and talk to them so that it will not easily die. They can treat the garden as one of their solemn place in their house.

They must enjoy the comfort that the garden gives them. They will realize that there is so much joy and beauty that exists in this harsh world. They must be gentle and caring in tending the plants in the garden so that it will give them the care that they need whenever they are lonely.…